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What people ask most about High End Coaching Secrets
Written by Pat Matsatsa on Feb. 17th 2019
I've been encouraging you a lot lately to sign up for my brand new event, High End Selling Secrets.It's probably safe to assume you have questions about it, such as "Will it work for me?" and "How fast can I get results?”
So I put together 3 commonly asked questions about the HIGH END COACHING SECRETS:
Q: Do I have to be an experienced coach to sell High End Coaching?
A: Having an existing coaching business where you're currently serving clients means you'll get results faster.
However, if you're still thinking about coaching or haven't attracted your first client, then High End Selling Secrets is still for you.
In fact, having little or no coaching experience is even better because you don't have to unlearn all kinds of stuff that holds you back from going high end.
It'll be like holding pole position in the Indianapolis 500 vs. the last position in the race.
The racer who is in the pole position will have a huge head start and a better chance of winning.
So don't disqualify yourself because you have little or no coaching experience.
It only means you'll get a faster start than others when it comes to selling high end!

Q: Who will pay these high end prices for my coaching and programs?
A: The good news is, there are plenty of people who are craving high ticket programs.
The problem is coaches automatically target the "low hanging fruit" when it comes to clients because they're afraid to sell high end.
I made that mistake early in my career when I charged $195/month for my coaching.
I didn't have the confidence to ask for the big fees because I didn't think I was good enough.
Now, I am one of the highest paid coaches in the world with people investing $10,000+ for a single day to work with me.
I'll show you how to break through those fears and barriers  so you can confidently ask for the big fees.
Not only that, but I'll show you where to find them (it's a lot easier than you think!)

Q: It feels like too much pressure to work with high end clients.
A: The truth is high end clients are going to be some of the best clients you'll ever work with!
My high end clients are extremely fun to work with and are the most grateful for my coaching.
They also get results the fastest.
So don't dismiss creating high end products and programs because your clients are going to be a challenge to deal with.
I'll show you how to create high ticket offers that attract high end clients and how to help them get results quick.
That way, you'll feel confident you can go high end!



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